What if your journalists were accused of compromising their confidential sources or being dupes for fake news on the web?

With a regular browser, this could happen any day. Protect your team online with Silo, the secure remote browser.

More than 80 % of data breaches in broadcasting and print publishing are browser-related. Silo provides anonymity and prevents targeting and tracking. It shields your team from ALL web-borne exploits.

Your browser should protect the integrity of your news business.

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Browsers attract malware and hack attacks. Broadcasters and publishers are most vulnerable when HR, producers, researchers or journalists access the web. With Silo, all content is processed remotely, in a secure container in the cloud. No web-borne malicious code - such as spyware or ransomware - can touch the local computer. Silo eliminates that risk.


It's as easy as downloading the App and logging in. Store files straight to the cloud and browse anywhere without security blocks. 


Safe access to the web shouldn’t be clunky and difficult to manage. Interact with Silo as expected. Launch secure anonymous sessions straight from the local browser.

Our servers are exposed to the internet so that your devices are not. Each session is built fresh from the start. Browser data is purged after each session.


Disconnect from the Web

Try the most secure web browser available.

Silo runs in the cloud. That means your computer is 100% isolated from the web. To read more about how browser isolation protects users and reduces IT costs, download our whitepaper. Silo is built fresh when you start and destroyed when you're finished.