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Used by organizations around the world, Silo is a secure remote browser in the cloud. All web code is executed in a virtual container, giving users complete isolation from any potential threats like malware, ransomware or exploits.

Outsource your security risk with a remote browser.

Did you know that not all "secure" browsers are equal?  Most are not even secure. More than 80% of data breaches today are caused by browser-related attacks and exploits.

Browsers attract malware and hack attacks. Organizations are most vulnerable when users access the web. With Silo, all web content is processed remotely, in a secure container in the cloud. No malicious code from the web - such as ransomware - can touch the local computer.

How Silo works

What happens on the web, should stay on the web. Silo prevents hackers and malware from following you home. Enjoy insulation from ALL web-borne threats. Launch your 30-day trial:

Try the most secure browser available.

Test Silo free for 30 days. No credit card required.

“Information security architects should evaluate and pilot a remote browser solution in 2017 as one of the single most significant ways an enterprise can reduce the ability of web-based attacks on users to cause damage.”

“Because web browsers are used most frequently, it is vital to ensure they are secure. One way to do it is to move browser from end user’s device to the cloud.”

“In Defeating Malware: Isolate and Sanitize Rather Than Detect.”

“Authentic8 thinks it has the answer, and is betting that the combination of a server-based sandboxed browser, a proprietary display protocol, SSO portal and granular policy enforcement will resonate with security-conscious organizations and help move to the head of the class.”

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A remote browser in the cloud gives you secure access to the web from any device, on any network, at any time.

How does a remote browser work?

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