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What made America's top law firms rethink security for their web users?

Web-borne threats and exploits account for more than 80 % of data breaches. This poses a unique problem for law firm IT leaders.

Overly rigid policies to protect the firm when users access personal web resources often backfire. They lead to productivity losses and users  taking risky "shortcuts." How to maximize security and keep them happy?

Read how a remote browser does just that for many ALM 50 law firms.

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Whitepaper: Why leading law firms rely on browser isolation to protect their users online

Maximize security. Boost office morale. Beat the competition.

Our research shows: Law firms that establish a secure browsing environment without compromising their data security or work culture gain a distinct competitive advantage.

Download the Authentic8 whitepaper "IT vs. Users?"now to learn how leading law firms use a remote browser to maximize security and improve productivity at the same time, while granting access to the web for partners, associates, legal assistants and temps.

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