Hear the story behind the booth at RSA that pitched imaginary products from a #FakeSecurity company. Segment starts at 15:59.

Toolbox is the cloud browser for InfoSec investigations

InfoSec analysts and investigators trust Authentic8 Toolbox, the isolated cloud browser that enables them to easily conduct secure, and misattributed investigations and data analysis on the open and dark web.

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Why do InfoSec pros rave about Toolbox?

Toolbox removes the hassle of using typical VDI, sandbox, and isolated lab machines. InfoSec pros can analyze malicious sites in depth without worry of infection or attribution. With a full suite of evasive capabilities and forensic tools, Toolbox is the perfect platform to let you to get down to the investigation.

Toolbox Proposal

Save time, get the essentials - download the Toolbox Proposal for leaders in government and law enforcement. This proposal, prepared by Authentic8's experienced Federal team, will help you putting the right tool in your analysts' hands faster.

Authentic8 has partnered with various distribution partners and can make Toolbox available via GSA, SEWP, CHESS, and other contract mechanisms. Toolbox can also be purchased via Government Procurement Card.  

OSINT Proposal