A $100 billion cybersecurity market...

Anyone feel safe yet?

Tired of chasing the latest technology solutions...

And getting nowhere?

The web is inherently unsafe and impossible to manage

You’re vulnerable because your browser betrays you

Every click, every view, every post means arbitrary code executing in your environment.

Your activity data is collected, correlated, and sold to advertisers...or worse

Cloud services have destroyed the network perimeter. You’ve lost control.

Disconnect from the web...

Sometimes the hardest problems have the simplest solutions

  • Silo runs on our servers, not your devices
  • Everything executes remotely – even cookies. You only get an encrypted display
  • Silo is built fresh at session start and destroyed at the end
  • Silo is anonymous, never exposing your IP address or affiliation
  • You define policies for how the web is used
  • And your data is yours, not ours. Your logs are encrypted with your keys

...and use Silo, the Cloud Browser

 We don’t name our customers and we won’t name you. But the world’s leading organizations rely on Silo

Silo solves the most challenging problems when using the web

No matter your use case, there's a version of Silo for you




Try Silo now. Launch a limited version of Silo from within your browser.

Test a full version of Silo with Admin permissions and policy controls. 

Teams stay secure and anonymous while accessing sketchy parts of the web. Spoofing, re-routing and data capture.

Pricing starts at $480 per year 


Anybody can secure their sensitive information and stay safe and anonymous on the web.

Pricing starts at $100 per year 


Companies take full advantage of the web without risk. From security to DLP policies, Silo puts you in control.

Pricing starts at $180 per year 

Unlike other browsers, you’ll pay for Silo. That’s why we never have to share your data for any marketing or other commercial purposes. You’re not the product.

If you use Silo, we give you tools to encrypt your data with your key, and delete your data from our services.

Your data is yours, not ours. Read our Privacy Policy

Why should you trust us?  

We can’t convince you to trust us with a page of web content. But as a founding team, our reputation should provide confidence. Before Authentic8, we built the leading cloud-based email security business. Eight years of service and trillions of emails processed without an information security leak.

We’re not at that size yet, but we’ve served millions of web pages securely – without exploit, attribution, or data loss. Try Silo now