When security and untainted results are paramount, open source intelligence professionals rely on the browser isolation technology and advanced OSINT capabilities of Authentic8 Toolbox to complete the mission.

Toolbox is based on Silo, the secure remote browser. It enables security analysts and law enforcement to conduct secure, misattributed and anonymous research and data analysis on the open, deep and dark web.

Authentic8 Toolbox for OSINT Analysts and Investigators   

Professional OSINT researchers and analysts know that remote browser isolation is key to both OPSEC and getting reliable results. Toolbox has your back, because it provides multiple layers of protection and prevents countermeasures.  

Why do OSINT pros use Toolbox?

Toolbox Proposal

Save time, get the essentials - download the Toolbox Proposal for leaders in government and law enforcement. This proposal, prepared by Authentic8's experienced Federal team, will help you putting the right tool in your analysts' hands faster.

Authentic8 has partnered with various distribution partners and can make Toolbox available via GSA, SEWP, CHESS, and other contract mechanisms. Toolbox can also be purchased via Government Procurement Card.  

OSINT Proposal