Free secure browser for victims of the OPM data breach

Were you notified that your data was leaked in the OPM breaches of 2015? If so, you qualify for a free one-year subscription of Silo, the secure remote browser.

Prevent further damage when you access the web. Protect yourself against ALL web-borne attacks with Silo.

If you are a federal employee or contractor or have applied for a federal job in the past couple of decades, it is prudent to assume that your data was leaked. 

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Silo, the remote browser that protects federal employees

  • Silo runs on our servers, not yours.
  • Everything executes remotely – even cookies. You only get an encrypted display.
  • Each session is built fresh at start and destroyed at the end.
  • Silo is anonymous, never exposing your IP address or affiliation.
  • You define policies for how the web is used.
  • And your data is yours, not ours. Your logs are encrypted with your keys.

Did you know? More than 80 % of data breaches are browser-related. That's why 75+ federal agencies now use Silo, the secure remote browser, to protect their data and their employees when they access the web.

Browsers attract malware and hack attacks. Federal employees and contractors are most vulnerable when they access the web. Pin-pointed attacks in the aftermath of the OPM breach are possible. Silo protects your anonymity online. All web content is processed offsite in the cloud. No malicious web code can touch the local computer.

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Safe access to the web shouldn’t be clunky and difficult to manage. 

Our servers are exposed to the internet so that your devices are not.