Which secure browser is most trusted by top law firms?

Lawyers and legal assistants rely on the browser for research, discovery, online training, web mail, and to access personal web resources like social media.

This poses a major risk for law firms. 80 % of data breaches are traced back to local browser vulnerabilities. That's why leading law firms now use Silo, the secure remote browser.

Authentic8 built Silo to help you disconnect from the Web.

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Find out first-hand why AmLaw 50 firms trust Silo with keeping their users and data safe on the web. Try Silo for yourself:

Silo is a browser built in the cloud

  • Silo runs on our servers, not yours.
  • Everything executes remotely – even cookies. You only get an encrypted display.
  • Each session is built fresh at start and destroyed at the end.
  • Silo is anonymous, never exposing your IP address or affiliation.
  • You define policies for how the web is used.
  • And your data is yours, not ours. Your logs are encrypted with your keys.

It's a full standalone browser running on a remote host. No web code reaches your network or devices, just encrypted display.

You know the signs. Accessing personal web resources (social media, web mail) at work is restricted or verboten. Senior partners badger IT for exemptions that create new security risks. Productivity suffers. 

Silo cures this malaise for law firms. 

Is your firm suffering from a bad case of ORWAPS?*


It's as easy as downloading the App and logging in.


Safe access to the web shouldn’t be clunky and difficult to manage. 

Our servers are exposed to the internet so that your devices are not.


*Overly Restrictive Web Access Policy Syndrom. Cure it with Silo. No side effects.