Your cybersecurity solutions are right of boom.

Traditional cybersecurity product start working after malicious code has entered your network.

If you want to isolate your resources from exploits, data leakage or other compromises to your mission, you need a cloud browser.

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More than 70 Federal Government agencies use Silo for safe and compliant access to the web. Whether for mission support or personal browsing, agencies of all sorts use Silo to get left of boom.

The Obvious Answer to an Insecure Web.

Your users are targets online. Every visit to a web page, link that gets clicked, or document opened puts you at risk of exploit. Disconnect from web based threats with Silo, a browser in the cloud. Silo gives you full access to the web without allowing any web code to reach your environment. And admins maintain full command and control, enabling robust browsing policies and encrypted audit logs.

Our servers take the hit so you don't have to.


Since Silo runs on our servers, not yours, all attribution stops with us.


Access to Silo is as simple as clicking an icon or loading a webpage.


    • A fresh browser built on-demand, in the cloud.
    • Only encrypted display data reaches the end user.
    • Everything is purged at the end of the session, leaving no residue. Except what admins want logged.

    • No identification of your agency, user location or role.
    • Attribution management capabilities to change machine profile, language, fingerprint and more.
    • Local region access via 170 points of presence around the world.

    • Users browse as normal -- Silo is a web browser.
    • Full support for all standard web content.
    • Admin policies to govern devices, access to cloud apps, URL category filtering, data upload/download and more.

    Silo runs on virtually every intelligence, DoD, and civilian network. Silo is available via GSA, SEWP, CHESS and other contract mechanisms. Seats can also be purchased online via Government Procurement Card.

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