Boom is coming.

That means it’s only a matter of time before boom - an exploit, a data leak, compliance violation, or worse.

Your users are on the web.

Your current tools work right of boom.

They assess and analyze content after it’s hit your network.  By then it’s too late.

Silo puts you left of boom.

You get full access to the web, but nothing ever hits your network.

It’s built fresh when you start and destroyed when you’re done.

All web code executes in a secure, remote environment.  You interact with a display of the remote session.  Even if malware detonates, it can’t touch you.

Silo is a browser built in the cloud.

With Silo, administrators define policies within the browser to govern access to websites, manage identity, control data transfer and more .

Boom isn’t just about malware.

It could be a data breach.

Staying left of boom means oversight.

Silo encrypts all user activity in a central, comprehensive logging system that you can dump into your analysis tool of choice.

More than 50 federal organizations use Silo to stay left of boom.

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So can you.

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